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Improv Everywhere [ ] has some awesome stuff. They generally arrange large scale pranks, involving a lot of people. It is more of a street acting type thing, but still, its mad funny.

some of the notable pranks:

Dressing 80 People in Royal blue shits and khaki's (identical to the official clothing) and walking into a best buy

Getting over 200 People to go into a home depot, walk in slow motion at the same time, and then freeze
simultaneously for 5 mins.

In the Uber-white town of aspen, they set up a stand that says "meet a black guy!"

Gather a crowd to peer on in terror as a "suicide jumper" stands on a 3 foot ledge, and a fake policeman shouts to him over a megaphone

Set up a fancy bathroom attendant stand in a McDonnalds Restroom.

And the most PLA'ish:

Coat-check 80 bags with cell phones in them, and then call them simultaneously by cell phone brand/ring tone to the dismay of the employees inside. "Cell phone Symphony"


I say RBCP should contact "Charlie Todd" Lead of the website, and request a cactus themed stunt. :)

They also do the yearly no pants subway ride in NYC. As far as I know, Rob T. Firefly participated in it this year.


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