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 :) heyas brad.  could you put that new video you made, and the ellen feiss commercial on the new media cds?? what format are they in originally? that ellen feis commercial was absolutely hilarious dude. you seriously r0x.  - trev

heres a link to what im talking about if someone hasnt seen it yet...

OMG SO FUNNY!!!! WTFLOL!!11 ROFTLOLOL! i watched it like 5 times and counting....  :D :D :D :D *rainbowsmiley* *rainbowsmiley*

The office cactus video is 320x240 AVI.  I think the Switch videos are the same.  I used to have all that stuff on the PLA Media CDs, but I keep running out of room.  The PLA Radios really take up a lot of space.  Guess I need to turn it into the PLA Media DVD.  I've been reluctant to do that since I'm afraid some people won't have DVD drives on their computers.  But I guess since it's 2007, that's their own fault.

Also, I'm thinking I should quit selling the CDs anyway, considering the growing amount of copyrighted material that I'm putting on them.  Each PLA Radio has several songs on it that I don't have permission to use.  I bet the RIAA would be pretty pissed off to find me selling all those songs on a $5.00 CD.

I need to just keep making shirts so I can give away free PLA Media CDs DVDs with them.

Sweet does that mean I get a free CD DVD with my shirt now?


--- Quote from: Tachyon on February 21, 2007, 09:51:47 PM ---Sweet does that mean I get a free CD DVD with my shirt now?

--- End quote ---

Of course!  I always throw extra junk like that in with orders.

What's everyone think?  Are DVDs okay instead of CDs?  The only downside I can think of is the DVD won't play on car stereos that accept mp3 CDs.  But my car stereo always freaked out about all the other content on the CD anyway.

You can save some space by deleting those nude tone dialer pictures. Whats up with those anyway? You should warn before selling CD/DVD's with offensive content.

(Other than: Multiple profanities, Obscene language, Calls for intent of harassment, Derogatory terms, Racial slurs, Illegal Tones and tone fraud manipulation, Conspiracy of identity theft and pretty much anything Murd0c says)


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