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We've been out of PLA stickers for awhile now.  We need new ones.  So I'm talking to a guy to get some prices on vinyl stickers.  Here's what they may or may not look like:

The 2nd one is just like the old PLA sticker that I used to sell.  I doubt I'll end up making the 3rd one because 3 color vinyl stickers are probably too expensive.

Anyone have any other ideas/requests for stickers?

I think you should make some stickers based on the kilroy was here thing. Make it say PLA was here. Then edit in something PLA related where the guy's face would be. That way when we don't put these in our schools, phone booths, urinals, etc. people will know who put them there.

The first sticker should be the most cost efficient since no colors are used so id go with that one.

But hey, why not make homegrown like the one shown below.
(don't sue me Arby)


--- Quote from: PHISH-PHREAK on February 23, 2007, 08:51:39 PM ---But hey, why not make homegrown like the one shown below.

--- End quote ---

Nice!  What's it say?

I could easily make stickers on my ink jet printer, but the quality of those doesn't compare to vinyl.

vinyl :) /me drools....  my macBook would like the first one with the white around it.. or maybe make them round? i definitely like the first one.


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