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--- Quote from: trevelyn on February 23, 2007, 09:33:01 PM ---vinyl :) /me drools....  my macBook would like the first one with the white around it.. or maybe make them round? i definitely like the first one.

--- End quote ---

Those are all round stickers.  I just didn't bother removing the background to them.  The first sticker will definitely be made, and most likely the 2nd one too.

I'll certainly take some of those. My minions friends and I go crazy with stickers...we've covered places with V2 stickers (, SubGenius stickers, and even shitty ones I made with a sharpie and some labels I stole from work and drew cactuses and weird things on. Stickers rule, and PLA can only improve on a good thing.

Just a thought here, how much would transparent stickers cost? I know the vinyl ones are a good idea ,
but for glass and stuff it would look cool.  ;D

RTF still has a small cache of the original round PLA bell stickers. I stole one from him last month and put it on my then PLA-sticker-less laptop. Quick, everyone private message RTF and ask him to sell you PLA stickerz!!!@2

Maybe we Arbie could put a link to all items for sale on the bar at the top of the screen. That would simplify things a bit.


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