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Anyone ever heard of it? i was introduced to them by one of their projects called the graffiti research lab. i was lookin through their website and found a multi frequency jammer about the size of a pack of cigarettes. anyone ever made one? seems like it would be alot of fun

OMG! We're infested with nubs. Someone call the Orkin man!

wtf? i didnt ask for a smartass quip ;) i was just wonderin if anyone has ever made one. im not good with frequencies and all that stuff.

ZOMG! U R TEH 1337! O NOES!11elevenOneOne!11!! U g4v3 m3 t3h n3g4t1v3 1337 points. I am now a battered and broken man. I must go cry in the corner. Excuse me.

(Ten Minutes Later)
If you aren't looking for smart ass quips, then you sir, are in the wrong place. Oh and

You earned a leet for that  ;D


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