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Here are some rules and stuff.  I'll come back here occasionally and add to this.  You can post in this thread for questions, suggestions, clarification, whatever.  Most of these rules can be summed up by one sentence - Use common sense.  But there's always those few that need everything spelled out for them. 

Before you post anything on the PLA Forums, you MUST read the rules and advice.  You also need to visit the links below. 


* Don't post phone numbers with intentions of harassment.  This almost always causes some form of problems for RBCP.  You can post interesting numbers or numbers related to a post.  Just use common sense, okay?  If you're unsure, you could always ask me.  If you think it's probably okay, then go ahead and post it.  It will be censored or deleted if it's not okay.
* Don't post codes, calling card numbers, credit card numbers, account passwords, etc.
* Don't post phone call sound files with blatantly illegal things in them.
* Don't openly talk about blatantly illegal things that you like to do.
* Although we love prank calls here, we do not promote the abuse of emergency services for the sake of a prank call.  Do not make prank calls that will directly or indirectly affect 911, police, fire, SWAT, or other emergency services.  SWATTING, bomb threats, and threatening phone calls will never be tolerated here.
* Keep racism/porn/hate/religion/politics, to a minumum.  There are other forums on the net for that kind of thing.
* No nudity inline with thread, people read these forums at work.
* Don't post gigantic pictures or insane amounts of text in your signature.
* Duplicate accounts are not allowed and will be deleted along with all the posts made from that account
* Never EVER wear Birkenstocks while using these forums.  There will be no warning on this one, you will be deleted.

* It's okay to bring up old posts only if you have something worthwhile to contribute to the conversation.
* Don't get all sad and depressed and leave the forums forever just because everyone thinks your great idea is dumb.
* When creating a new post, use a message icon!  If you don't, a mod will probably add one for you and you might not like what we pick.
* If you'd like to introduce yourself to the other forum members, a good way might be to add to this thread.  Just say hello or whatever.  And don't mind all the attacks on your manhood.  That's normal here.
* Don't make stupidly pointless, one word posts.  Post that say nothing more than "L O L" or "Me too" or "This." are regularly deleted by mods.
* DoN't TyPe iN aLtErNaTiNg CaPs!
* DON'T TYPE IN ALL 1337 sp34k!
* Put a little effort into your spelling, grammar and punctuation.  This isn't AIM, after all.  But please don't attack every little spelling and grammatical error that you see someone else make.
* If you repeatedly break the rules, you'll be put on a temporary ban, usually lasting 2 - 3 days.  It doesn't do much good to get upset about this.  It's your own fault so don't get mad at us.
* Don't post about where you work.  People are jerks and might harass you at your work.  At least one user here has been fired because of people calling their boss.  Others have been harassed at their jobs and homes.  Don't let this happen to you.
Seriously, before you post ANYTHING on the forums, you need to visit the links below.  They will help you.

Posting And You... This is a humorous Flash cartoon which gives new users very good advice.

Flameage An old thread about the problems with users attacking each other.

PLA Forums FAQ Here is a list of questions that are frequently asked on the PLA Forums.  Before creating a new thread with a question, check here to see if it's been asked already.

The forums are here for your enjoyment.  Please help keep them a happy sunshiney type of place.


What's a Birkenstock? I'd Wiki it, but it sounds scary...


--- Quote from: MegaKitsune on June 09, 2006, 06:07:32 PM ---What's a Birkenstock? I'd Wiki it, but it sounds scary...

--- End quote ---

Thats because you were probably born after 1990.

Quit calling me old!

Colonel Panic:
Heh wow. Birkenstocks.

The other day I was actually approached on the street by a teenager wearing Birkenstocks, trying to solicit donations for an Illinois environmental something-or-other.


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