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Mainly when there in a stir fry though... I'm going to go get a snickers now.

Just don't want to be deleted from users list. I had forgotten about this.  Plan to use in the future


Yea thanks for finally getting rid of all those random users who never used their account RB.  I don't get what the point of registering an account is if you're never going to use it.  Oh and I thought it was a nice touch to sign it: Love, RBCP.


--- Quote from: Ipokesmot on January 07, 2007, 05:50:57 PM ---:)

--- End quote ---

dont fucking steal my picture, you weird invisible bastard.

Just to make this clear, no more posting porn pictures inline with the thread. People read these forums at work, if you must post something like that, link to it instead of using the img tags.

I will fucking ban you if you do this.


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