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Last week Trevelyn sent me a box full of really cool stuff.  Like Pez, a Fon router, a cell phone telephone handset, a Verizon pay phone card, magnetic stripe cards, a Rolex watch, some PA lotto tickets, a securty badge and whistle, a USB keyboard adapter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on DVD, TMNT window decals, a Nokia ball, and other stuff that I'm forgetting.  It's cool getting weird random stuff in the mail.

Since I'm not much of a watch person, I'm sending the Rolex to murd0c so it'll get some good use instead of just sitting in a drawer forever at my house.  So I was thinking maybe I should get rid of some of MY useless stuff.  Maybe we all should.  Let's trade useless crap with each other!  A quick sweep of my office found the following items:

* A mini cell phone shaped lighter with a digital clock display on the front of it.  When you push the antenna to make it flame, it makes a sound like a ringing cell phone that's dying.  It needs a new battery but it works.
* An old brown and gold tone dialer.  It doesn't work because there's no crystal in it and the circuit board where the crystal belongs is scorched.  It can probably be repaired if you have patience and a suitable crystal.  The battery cover is missing.
* CDs: Good Charlotte - The Chronicles of Life and Death, Dean Friedman - Rumpled Romeo, Maroon5 - Songs About Jane, Jason Mraz - Waiting for My Rocket To Come.  These are the last of the CDs I own and nobody on Ebay will buy them.
* DVDs: Pauly Shore is Dead, Anchorman, Problem Child, The Music Man (the newer one with David Lightman in it.)
I might consider trading these items if someone has something good to trade for them.  I can probably find some more junk around here too.  Everyone list your useless crap!

Try www.Zunafish.com for all your game/video/book trading needs

But then again, I always wanted to own something thats been in the hands of RBCP!

(Thats why I save all my envelopes from the PLA store  ;))


--- Quote from: Raptor on May 27, 2007, 09:24:04 PM ---But then again, I always wanted to own something thats been in the hands of RBCP!

--- End quote ---


Poor Arbie. So many stalkers so little time.

I've got:

An American flag I've written anarchist slogans all over that's like 3 years old.
A pack of 'Crystal' brand clear cellulose rolling papers
A stolen copy of Thumbsucker from Hollywood Video
A replica of the Space Shuttle Discovery


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