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Why I hate Shakalakabubu

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I honestly don't read every section on the forum. I read maybe fifteen or twenty of the forty or so boards that are on the site. Somehow he's managed to infiltrate all of these and ruin (read as post in) every single thread I've been involved in since he showed up. I swear it's like he's stalking me and intentionally trying to ruin the board for me. That may sound paranoid but it's true. I don't know if it's coincidence or not but either way he's pissing me off. I wouldn't mind quite as much if his posts were JUST random and stupid, but every last one of them is also barely intelligible. It's almost like the keys on his keyboard have been switched around so that when he means to type one letter it types another. He brings up old threads only to post retarded drivel about putting cacti in his anus which wouldn't be funny even if it were original. So once again I am posting my 12 Step Program for n00bs in hopes that he will read them and understand that he's not being amusing. He's just being a douche...
12 Step Program For Nubs

1. Admit that you are a n00b and that you're posts are unmanageable

2. Believe that the Admin and mods will restore your posts to sanity

3. Make the decision to turn your account over to the care of the Admin

4. Learn to google or chacha before asking a question

5. Admit to the Admin and Moderators the exact nature of your lameness

6. Be entirely ready to have the Admin remove these posts

7. Humbly beg for mercy and ask to have your post count lowered

8. Make a list of all persons flamed and apologize to them all

9. Stop being a postwhore and never bump old threads without something intelligent to add

10. Continue to abide by forum rules and when wrong promptly modify the post

11. Seek out through E-Mail or PM to contact the Admin or staff when unsure if you should post something. BEFORE YOU POST IT!

12. Having reached 31337enment as a result of these steps, try to carry this message to all forums, and practice these principles in all posts

The first step is admitting that you have a problem. If you'll do that, we'll help you.....


{ .l. "I Statements"}

M-26-7 clone maybe?

Naw. At least M was somewhat entertaining. This guy is just flat out annoying. Besides, M's posts were readable. That's more than anyone could say for shakalakabubu.


You know what the best kind of Native American is?

A dead one.


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