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Seems like a PLA keychain would be a good thing to offer since pretty much everyone has keys.  I've only seen a few that I like, though.  I don't want to be cheap and just get some metal thing with PLA stamped on it.  What I really want are these:

Imagine the PLA bell logo in one of those formats.  My favorites are the "Artisan Series Zinc Alloy Plated 2-D Color Filled Custom Keychains" which is the 3rd item from the top.  I would love to have those made, but it looks like I'd have to spend about $2,000 up front on them.  That's a lot of my own money to drop on them and it would take years to make it back.  I'd have to sell about 400 of them at $5.00 each.  I bet 5 years later I still wouldn't sell 400 of them.

There are other options on that page which are equally cool, but they still require $1,000 - $1,500 to get started.  Screw that.  I can probably find a page that has slightly better prices, but I doubt it would be too much cheaper. I also like these solar powered LCD keychains.  I've seen these at giftshops.  They don't require any batteries and the image that they flash is really bright.  It's like a glossy image on paper, but it flashes or changes colors.  It's really neat.  I can't seem to find a page of these with prices right now, but I remember them being very reasonable. Then there's a laser engraved flashlight keychain.  There's tons of styles to choose from on these and they're always priced good.  A flashlight on a keychain could be useful too.

If anyone has any comments or other ideas for keychains, post them here.  Or maybe you can find a page that has better prices or better designs.

expensive but they look nice, If you go for them count me in for at least 3!

I like the second option and have the bell then the # for the voice bridge.

The voice bridge is pretty much a completely separate entity. The URL would be better.

Ummm, if you spent $2,000 on 400 keychains and then sold them for $5 each you would not be making a profit. With inflation,if it took you 5 years to break even you'd actually have lost slightly. Not to mention the time and labor involved in shipping and handling.


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