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Can't see a board for general emulator gaming, let's get some likes and dislikes here.  Reccomendations for emu's and games plox.

I'll start.  PSX, Dragon Warrior/Quest VII, any fans?

Sparky is a decent newb. I'm not just saying that because I'm related to him either.

Jo Nathen:
I have some nes and snes on my backup drive. Vista whines too much or I'd have them installed.

Well, your first problem was using Vista.

I don't have a computer fast enough to support a PSX emulator at a decent speed. I do, however, have NES, SNES, N64, and GBA games to amuse me during class or while I'm drinking.

right.  i'm running ePSXe on a POS compaq with 512 of ram.  if you've got a decent nvidia or geForce then the playstation emu should be all right.  i'm playing a ripped mod of Super Mario 64 on the ePSXe that's kind of amusing.  Some guy made this rom called Uber Mario PSX (no link, sorry) in which he changed the appearance of the toons, making mario a duke nukem-like character, goombas are like the boss from the original metroid.  and the shrooms look like little crack rocks.


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