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Anyone remember that issue of PLA?  The giant list of things to do to a 7-Eleven to make the employee hate their life?  A few weeks ago Spessa and I had the absolutely brilliant idea of filming ourselves doing every item on the list.  So we got as far as doing about 4 items and then quit.  And then we had the absolutely brilliant idea of turning our old idea into a new PLA contest!  You know, encourage a bunch of kids to submit their own 7-Eleven vandalism videos to me to judge so I can hand out prizes to the best one?  And in the process I'll be threatened by cops, parents and corporate 7-eleven people across the country?  I don't know why I never thought of this before.

Really though, this idea has so much good and bad in it.  What does everyone think?  It's an awful idea to encourage minors to destroy their local convenience store in hopes of winning a PLA t-shirt, right?

I don't think you'd be specifically liable for any damages.

Don't you?  Seems like they could get me for something.  Especially for all the unplanned pregnancies it would cause!

Wish you would have posted this a few months ago. I had an ongoing battle with a certain local 7-11 employee and this would have motivated me to up the ante. But sadly they are closed now, and I am unable too locate him.

/I did get him pour out a coke slush mix in the toilet once, but some random person from the bridge has the recording. IF YOU ARE READING THIS CONTACT ME.

Another thing you could do if you worked there would be to:
Pour a lot of gasoline inside of a room that can be locked
At gunpoint, throw the other employees into the room and lock it
When more people come into the store, do the same to them
Unlock the door, throw some flaming matches in the room, and lock the door again
Take the surveillance tapes
Use a gasoline pump to spray gasoline all over the building and the gasoline pumps
Throw another burning match when you are at a safe distance.

If anyone questions you... Blame the statue that got your evil twin high, while he was playing guitar, with his fingertips, while in a spacesuit.


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