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My dad and I were looking through the copy machines at a Fry's electronic store and I sent one of the pictures from my phone to one of the machines and I managed to get it to print.
Ever since, I've been wanting to find a way to send a photo (of a cactus) to all of the machines and have them all print that picture.

I can get it work on one machine at a time and if it's fast enough, five prints within a minute.
I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and might know how to get all of them to print at the same time; that way it's a lot more confusing to the staff and I can pretend it was an accident and get a ton of printed pictures of cacti for free?

I'm just too cheap to buy ink and this Fry's staff was pretty retarded when out popped a cactus from several of their printers- like they didn't anticipate the paper that was already set up there to actually be put to use.


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