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Thinking hijacking k-mart in Footscray's paging system

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As the topic name suggests, I'm thinking of highjacking the paging system in the Footscray K-Mart. Any one in the Victoria, Australia wanting to do this can pm me or whatever and we can plan this. The only plroblem with this prank is that K-mart tends to have beefed up security with massive guards ready to break your spine for trying on a jacket. The upside is that we can yell obsenities loudly at small Vietnamese men.
P.s: This may be in the wrong board, tell me if I have posted this in the wrong board.

Soooo...how do you plan to do it?  Remotely?  Or just stand in the store and get on the phone?  Be sure to record calls, videotape responses, etc.


This is how shit is going down.

Phase one: Grab the numbers (if there are any) and try and follow the plan advocated by rbcp and get retarded employees to connect me through to the said number line

 Phase two (the clever part): Yell the phrase "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING VIETNAM! SPEAKING OF VIETNAM WILL THE ASIAN MAN IN AISLE 13 PLEASE STOP STUFFING BOOKS AND PENCILS DOWN HIS PANTS OR I WILL FORCE FEED HIM HIS OWN URETHRA" or something along those lines and attempt to record it with a camcorder or something. I am new to the pranking game and will appear near braindead to the casual observer but thats to fool you so I can steal your shoes. In other words; camera. I plan on standing next to a phone booth saying wierd things and then walk inside and see the reaction. I hope this works and I don't get mauled by Maori security guards.

Oh yeah, because I'm a pussy it will be remote. And regarding responses, I plan on walking inside with a bag cam (camera in my bag) and ask people what happened then when I get out, slap that pla green sticker thing that says I used this to harass people, just to put salt in the wound.


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