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Cacti Radio has gotten it's first official show, which is nothing but me playing crappy podcasts that I like since I'm so desperate to subject all of you to the dumb things that I like.

So far this week I've been playing episodes of a now defunct podcast called The Twisted Pickle Show.  I realize that it's unlikely many of you will appreciate this guy since it's just some guy rambling about his own life, but I personally think it's awesome stuff and hope that at least a couple people think it's funny.  Right now the 3rd episode is playing and he's still a newb, but the stories are still  funny.  If anyone happens to like what you hear, there are over 100 episodes of Twisted Pickle on these pages:

Back episodes of Twisted Pickle
Twisted Pickle's abandoned Ning page

What I mainly started this thread for was to apologize for the flakiness of Cacti Radio this past week.  For some reason, the Auto DJ software from the company that runs the station has been randomly shutting down, which just creates dead air.  Also, whenever I schedule a show to start (such as The Twisted Pickle for the past couple of days), Auto DJ doesn't know that it should just continue playing the previous play list once that show is over.  So it's partially the fault of Auto DJ, partially the fault of me being a newb.  We've been randomly kicking people off the stream all week.  Sorry!

I think I'm going to try running the station from my home computer for a few days and see if that runs any more smoothly.  I'll try my best not to kick people off the stream this week.

If anyone notices any problems or has any suggestions for Cacti Radio, post them in here or set up a new topic.

The new stream has been running most of today with no problems so far.  New links are over there in the sidebar.  I'm still working on managing the content, so the music might be worse than normal for a day or two.

diggin' the new cacti radio site layout

big ups on the hour of slack, dude

Thank you sooo much for running Cacti Radio!


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