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Does anyone with over 50 posts have positive karma? err except RBCP.

Seems kinda rigged IMO. ::)

Sure. Me, trevelyn, RTF, Nod, murd0c, Tachyon, ApprenticePhreak, afreak, SpaceBison, jenn, RogueClown, thefinn93, just to name a few.

haha i have lower on than you skunk :P

My own mediocre attempt at humor has been highly amusing to myself. I noticed a got a l4me point after posting here. Don't hate, Skunk. :)

Godot pwns both of you fags. You should try to be more like him. Seriously. Be like Godot. In fact, I demand that you wear WWGD bracelets and every singe time you're about to post you must look at it and think "What would Godot do?"


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