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I noticed that the new PLA radio had a earthbound rap at the end of it....
I am somewhat of a fan of all things earthbound and was wondering if any of you other guys were into it as well.

I know nothing about them except that I like that song.  And the video is pretty neat too.  It came with a collection of nerdcore music I got from a torrent last year.  I chose that song because it had a beat I could loop for the background music.

Earthbound is great. I recommend everyone check out its sequel as well.


Mother 3 is the shit. I recently spent some time playing that and Mother 1. I liked the idea of learning skills "at random" instead of through leveling up, but the games are ridiculous hard compared to Earthbound.

A lot more political commentary in Mother 3, too.

The Mother sieries is one of my favorite sieries of games. I've even played Mother 1, even though it should be called Grinding: The Game. I also like Mother 3 even more know that the translation was released.


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