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Apparently it's the "in thing" to start making fun of Family Guy since South Park aired their 2-part series on the Muhammed cartoons. The problem with this is that nearly all the people who now say Family Guy sucks probably have at least two StewieGriffin posters in their bedroom. Yeah, their humor is irrelevant to the point of intense ridicule, but I don't tune in to Fox to watch Spirited Away (that's what cable is for). Shit, it's the same fucking channel that shows Cops and Jerry Springer. Don't expect a cartoon version of a graduate fucking thesis.

The biggest disappointment was how the site Something Awful decided to sway from their hard-hitting original content to compare Family Guy to The Simpsons. Real fucking original there, bud. Why not just slap a "HOSTED ON EBAUMSWORLD.COM" watermark on all the Photoshop Phriday contest entries and sell ad space to PartyPoker?

But what is worse is how, by some miracle travesty of culture, The Simpsons is completely off-limits when it comes to criticism (yeah, just like Muhammed). Yeah, the show was original and funny... WAS FUNNY... but nowadays it's about as funny as toast (and the light sprinkling of jokes is just as dry). Yeah, I said it. I got the balls to go on the Internet and say The Simpsons is old and has lost its touch. Hell, I'll go a step further and say it lost its magic in the 20th century. The Simpsons was cutting edge in its time, but nowadays it's like rehashed episodes of Roseanne. The least they could do is bring back Married... With Children as an animated series! Al Bundy's zingers could save the worst of episodes, and they still managed to remain relevant to a plot!

Maybe if South Park makes an episode about how old The Simpsons is, people would finally stop hiding their true feelings. Oh wait... they did. It's good to know Fox airs top-quality television.

The Simpsons were cutting edge, but you wouldn't want to compare a Abe Lincoln with a newadays. Abe Lincoln would lose.

You aren't saying anything original in these rants, TK. Quit trying to look cool on the internet.


--- Quote from: tk on April 15, 2006, 11:07:39 AM ---...Something Awful decided to sway from their hard-hitting original content...

--- End quote ---

Ha. HAHA. BWAHAHAHAHA! I am literally rolling around on the floor all crazy-like as I laugh.!

That was the best thing I've read all week. Thanks for that.

I like the simpsons.  And Family Guy.  Both of which were reruns this week.  My misery knows no bounds.


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