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It's nostalgic. I want one for my car. Where can I get it? The biggest graphic I could find online is this... and no sign of the exact sticker anywhere.

I'm aware it would be rather simple to make, but I want the real thing!

Kevin is already free. has been for a while now

Really? Holy shit!!!!

Seriously yes, I am aware.. and he's a sold-out, suit-wearing, best-seller book-writing middle-aged boring office type. But I was inspired when I saw someone with a Nixon bumper sticker on their car. Same sorta thing. Figured this would be a good place to start looking.

No, Kevin didn't really 'sell out'. Sure. As soon as he got out of the can he had his balls busted because all the up and coming people wanted to prove they were hot shit over cracking his telephone company's system to get to him, his web host, cellphone provider, and I think the DMV for his driver's record. But let's face it: attacking all of that isn't really attacking or proving he himself as an individual has no idea what's going on. In fact you can branch out to say none of them are really under his control. Maybe the webhost, but whatever.

And besides, wouldn't you write a book saying "This is how I got the ride of my life absolutely for free: ANY BY BUYING THIS BOOK YOU TOO CAN CONTINUE TO GIVE ME THIS"? I would. Though I think he's released a few books based on security infrastructure. I can't be bothered to check mostly because I have no interest in truth.

But what I'm looking for are the "FREE TOOKI WILLIAMS" bumper stickers. He's been in prison for how many years and we kill him to only throw him in ANOTHER box? That's not right. We need to liberate his body. Even if it is a bit expired.

'wunder if we could get kevin to host the phone show......... :)


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