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Free Kevin Sticker

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Dear Dan,

I apologize but we no longer have any of those stickers left.

2600 Office Manager

...my heart is broken :(

Big fucking surprise, there. There were a bunch of Free Kevin re-prints floating around the last HOPE (which, ironically was The Next HOPE). They didn't have the same color and weren't as big.

Here's a quick-and-dirty reproduction I made while staring at the one on my wall.

Use this monochrome one if you're going to go to a print shop and get it printed on the yellow/orange vinyl stock, otherwise use this color one to print it onto a white backing.  Print at 300 DPI for the right size.

I'd sell you the original sticker from my wall, but it would come with my crusty wall paint which I'd have to charge you extra for because I've been cultivating that wall crust for over a decade and would miss it terribly.

I think I might have one somewhere. I'll trade it for something interesting.


Or..uhm...a burger?

I'll trade you 2 dollars in pay pal.


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