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I use to have a shirt that had a radio shack tone dialer on it that I still think is pretty cool. Only problem with it was people kept asking me why I had a remote control on my shirt. I eventually gave up on explaining to them what it was and just told them I like remote controls

I have a shitload of money that I'm just itching to blow on a new shirt.  We really need to come up with something soon so I can go place an order.  A couple years ago, I tried to come up with a design for PLA Radio and this is as far as I got:

The "stuff you wanna hear" was just a placeholder until I thought of something better, like "NEWS, SPORTS, WEATHER AND PRANK CALLS!"  Maybe we could do something similar for Cacti Radio since that's my new obsession.

Laugh Track Matt and a few other people have said they'd really like to see the old Harley shirt come back.  I kind of agree with that, but I think the back of the shirt would need to be updated since Hope 2004 isn't that big of a deal anymore.  Or maybe I could just do the front of the shirt and leave the back side blank, which would allow me to sell the shirts a little cheaper.

Some kind of coat of arms shirt would be cool, if anyone can make a clever enough coat of arms for PLA.

So scour the interweb for t-shirts and paste any shirts or logos here that you think we could rip off.  Maybe we could copy some radio station's t-shirt for a Cacti Radio shirt.  I bet we could find some good ones on eBay.  Post design or slogan ideas here.  Some kind of themed or dated shirt would be cool.  PLA Spring Break '11!  Okay, that's dumb, but you know.  Help me spend all these hundreds of dollars before I go and do something responsible like pay bills with it!

The first 10 people to reply with "Oh you can just give that money to me l o l!" gets their accounts deleted.

I really would like a re-print of the PLA Harley t-shirt now that mine got destroyed with bleach.

oh you can just give that money to... umm.. nevermind...


you can change the extension to psd for the psd. It requires the font Lhabia (free online).

I would say put and a catch phrase on the back. :)


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