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You know when something needs funding for some kind of outdoor project like a fountain or a park so they start selling bricks to people?  You pay them a certain amount and in return you get a brick on their sidewalk that will forever have your name on it.  Wouldn't it be great to have a PLA brick forever embedded into a sidewalk? 

There's a place here in Albany, Oregon (just behind the post office from the Back chapter in the book) that is building a giant carousel that will take up a city block.  They've been at it for years now and expect the project to be completed within 5 or 6 years.  For $100, they will give you a regular sized brick that will have 3 lines of engraved text on it.  Not sure how many characters you get, but it's plenty of room to write Phone Losers of America or Cactus a bunch of times.  Maybe something that nobody else will get like Chris Tomkinson Loves Dino Allsman.

For $250 we can get a double-sized brick and write twice as much nonsense on it.  So my questions are this:

1. Is this a dumb idea to even pursue?

2. Would you be willing to donate $5 or $10 for a brick that you'll never see in real life and that won't even be visible for another 5 years, by which time you'll have completely forgotten about PLA? (God, I'm a bad salesman.)

3. What would you write on this brick?

"other side up"

1. Do people even read those bricks anyway? Depends on how much traffic they'll get I guess.
2. Not likely.
3. "For free hot phone sex call spacebison at 402-326-7819"  :nonsense:

"This brick is valid for one free iPod Touch."

"On this day in 2010 (or whatever date) this brick was put here."

PLA: The Book now available. See for details."

"This brick was stolen from a local brick factory."


"murd0c was here."


"The brick 3 feet to your left is a fake."


"Brad Cater Killed JonBenét Ramsey"


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