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I keep getting logged out

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Is anyone else having this problem?  Used to I would stay logged into the PLA forums for weeks at a time, but now it's making me log in every day.  I don't have this problem on other sites.  It's also doing this weird thing where it LOOKS like I'm logged in, but I'm not able to reply to any posts.  When that happens I have to manually type in the login URL.

It's been doing that for a couple of days. I even use the option that says 'keep me logged in'.


i have been having the same problem.. but coincidental  it just started after i ran ccleaner on my PC so i thought that was the cause

I've noticed this since about December. I haven't said anything because I lack motivation.

It logs me out everytime I click the 'REA' part of 'READ NEW POSTS'.


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