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New Board for This Is a Recording (thisisarecording.com)


I'm pulling a linear and riding on rbcp's coat tails ... again (Because most of the sounds from the original This Is a Recording were from the PLA Phone Directory) (Also, you know I'm j/k and I love you, linear) ... by asking Brad to add a board for This Is a Recording so I can ask really stupid questions about sounds I am not familiar with spam the board with updates (Yeah, right. Anyone who is a member of the mailing list knows how likely that is considering I've added an abundance of content and made only 2 posts) encourage discussion between visitors of the site and the knowledgeable user base here on teh Phone Losers Forums. Also, to bring the uninitiated (all like 10% of them since there is probably considerable overlap) to the Phone Losers of America so they can be my minions and pressure rbcp into doing more Phone Show Aftershows He kindly obliged and I am grateful. Thanks rbcp.

So if you have any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, submissions or any other word ending in s, you may do so here. (The yellow pages prefix directory background, however, is nonnegotiable.)

Thanks guize and thanks again rbcp.
<3 Jenn


--- Quote from: jenn on February 23, 2011, 11:40:29 AM ---(The yellow pages prefix directory background, however, is nonnegotiable.)

--- End quote ---

Your site would be dead to me without that background!


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