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Sick of all the incredibly boring buttons in the PLA Store?  Well now's your chance to make them slightly less sucky!  Put your creativity to use and make a few buttons for the PLA.  If your button is used, you'll get 5 free buttons from the PLA Store, including the button that you designed.

Not only will this contest allow us to have more buttons in the store, but we can also build a massive list of the contest winners' names and addresses to sell to the authorities.  And the winners get free buttons!  Everybody wins!

I've made some templates to get you started.  If you'd like to make a small button, then use this template.  If you'd like to make a large button, then use this template.

I should also mention that it's a bad idea to save your final designs as JPGs because of the loss in quality.  BMP is best if a photo is involved.  GIF if you can make it look good in under 256 colors.  I've got the huge BMP versions of the templates too.  Here they are:

Don't resize your final submissions or they'll look like crap when I have to enlarge them!  Post your submissions in this thread.  Maybe you could make a small JPG version to display to everyone in this thread and then link to the full sized BMP version.

Have fun & thanks!

Here is my first attempt. I admit it sucks, But It goes along with the buisness card to show some grandma when your outside her TNI box late at night

Don't Worry, there will be plenty more. I'll do whatever it takes to win this!

Here is one more small one I made before I went to bed. As you can see, I suck at photo edditing


Hey arbie, do you have any PLA logos you can link to or put up somewhere for use in this contest?

The one I used is here:

EDIT: Ugh, I just realized that the quality on this is horrible.  If you actually want to use this, let me fix it or something.



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