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Hi jerks, I'm trying my best to get rid of the spam that hit us last night. If any of you wants to actually purchase me some tramadol, that would be great because my prescription doesn't refill for another five days and I'm totally out.

EDIT: Hey RBCP, can you throw you some *.in, *.ru, *.pl and *.cn e-mail address bans? I would do it but I don't know how.

I'm tellin' ya guys, I know you have the captcha verification, but those don't really do anything for protection against the spam bots.. the verification question works a lot better. Its not full-proof, but it does keep a lot more of them out than just the captcha

Eg: "What letter is missing? Let's eat some BB_"

Yeah, a simple question to register would be great.  Like "What frequency does 2600 Hz run on?"  I will look into a plugin that does that.

Yeah, it's not like getting rid of spammers isn't hard. But it'd be cool not to have them at all in the first place.

I just now implemented a new user password for people that register.  The password is 'cactus' and the text next to the form clearly states to enter the word cactus into the form.  If our spam is mostly bots, then this should fix the problem.  If actual people are creating the accounts that spam us, then they'll probably be smart enough to enter the secret word.  If the spam continues I'll make the descriptive text require a little more thought and possibly a Google search.  murd0c, let me know if this helps.


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