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This is the introduction thread to end all other introduction threads.  I'm going to sticky it to the top of the General Discussions and everyone will use it and we'll never have another introduction thread again!  I'll link it from the rules thread and it'll eventually grow to be more than 1,000 pages long.  Won't that be great?!?

So introduce yourself.  Even if you've been around forever, introduce yourself.  Tell us who you are, where you're from, how you found the H/P community, how you found PLA, your accomplishments, your goals and anything else you feel like sharing.

TO THE NEWBS: This is not the correct thread to ask questions about telephones, revenge, pranks, or any other topic that has nothing to do with introducing yourself to us.

TO THE REGULARS: Please don't attack the newbs in this thread.  Save it for some other thread.

Thought I'd say hi as it's my first day, I'm a lover of the old school scene born a little too late, but still love where it's gone/going.
I read the rules they seem awesome, more there to protect us than spoil our fun.


  No not really. But anything I write couldn't be half as good as that.

  Okay hey guys. I'm Nate. I like prank calls and culture distruption. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm in my teen years.

Yo, my name is Eric.
I'm 18.
I'm from Austin, Tx.
I'm in the Army, Infantry.
I like latin hip hop.
I found PLA through one of their funny prank calls posted oon youtube.
I'm interested in phreaking.
Okay, not that interested.
I think this site has the funniest pranks calls ever.

Hmmph, what else?

I'm Brad.  I'm nearly 34 and am still obsessed with prank calling.  I do a couple of shows about it and I run this site.  I live in the huge metropolis of Albany, Oregon.

Well I'm a canadian citizen... at lesat thats what I'm told.
I'm 17 and totally loving the p/h scene. I've been "phreaking" for a few years now... I only learned recently it was actually called phreaking!.. I used to call up the operator and lie to them saying I wqas doing a school report and to tell me about how phones worked (I got transferred to repairs first) and they told me.... which was pretty cool.... (dont laugh... I was young) But anyways, since finding the PLA I've increased my intelligence stat  by over 30 points, and have gained too much exp to calculate.

I've been prank calling since I was kid (as have we all I presume)....
i'm very open about my skills with phones, I usually have teahcers at my school asking me about how to this or that with their phones.
I figured out how tog et onto my schools PA system a few years ago. I personally havent used it but yah... wow... I didnt mean to type it this long.

I just occupy myself with skype or soemthing....

Well... thats me... I hope you love me  *rainbowsmiley*


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