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I'm Frog. East coast of Canada. Eighteen years old. My two main interests are linguistics and telephony. I play the bass guitar, write occasionally, and like to tell people they're wrong. I have a decent knowledge of Latin and German. Due to the internet's disintegration of the mood of writing, most people think I'm an asshole. In reality, I would go out of my way to help almost anyone. I am particularly fond of Vikings and big noses.

Hey, I'm I-baLL and I'm a total n00b.

I got into h/p/a/c/v back in '94 after already being into computers and stuff. I saw that episode of Ghostwriter that talked about BBSes and found out that BBSes actually existed. So eventually I got a computer with a modem and started looking around for local bbs numbers. Finally I found out that a classmate of mine's brother ran a bbs from home but only during random hours. It was called "Exstacy BBS" and it only had about 3 or 4 users on it. But it also had other BBS numbers there so all was good. So I got into BBSes, called around and got into the scene. I must've found the PLA textfiles on one of those bbses in around 95 because in '96-'97 I remember being on the PLA web site in school and just waiting for updates.

So here I am today, trying to learn as much as I can and just messing about and having fun.

Hi there!

My real name is Oscar I was born pretty far away from the States a long while ago, I've been moving around since.
Never met my Papa or anything related to him, I've moved with my fiancée almost an year ago and everything is going sweet.
My Mum bought me my first PC when I was 6 (I'm 23 now) it was a 486i Compaq that still works (great stuff!!)
I've never been too good with tech things but I like it and I'm always open to learn new things.
I reached PLA like about 2 months now (Brad correct me if I'm wrong cuz I can't remember) and I turned a total addict even knowing that I have no much room here since I'm not American nor very technically skilled.
But as Mentor said, there are no nationalities here so I hope you're cool with me anyways.
I can understand 4 languages and speak two (well maybe 1 and a half) mmm and well I don't know what else it was supposed to be a short introduction sorry  :)


I'm Matt. I'm 19, and I'm going to school to perform, write, and teach music. When I was in middle school- early highschool, I was all into the h/p thing, but I've sort of petered out after things my friends did started coming back on me (re: bomb threats). I live in Oshkosh, WI, which is where I was born and (hopefully) not where I live after I graduate. I'm all music in almost any form, indie comics, underdog cartoons (Home Movies) and playing foursquare.

Oh yeah, I'm also getting married in a year and a half or so. Maybe.

Hello PLA and PLA associates,

My name is Zan. I found this site through hektik.org after I heard some calls Zak participated in. In those days I wasn't very educated on forum etiquette, and chose not to register on PLA://forums. Since then I've been a lurker, watcher, and most important consumer of your fine entertainment. I live in Chicago, IL. I practice interests in technology (Networking, and php/flash actionscript scripting). I love comedy. The humor practiced and perpetuated on PLs.org rock. Now I want to be a part of the community.

Thank you,



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