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Author Topic: Stuff for free - just pay shipping  (Read 839 times)

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Stuff for free - just pay shipping
« on: October 15, 2011, 04:00:48 PM »
I'm stealing Cyclopath's idea, both for getting rid of some DSL filters and for giving it away for free, plus shipping costs.  Here are the things I have for free.

5 DSL filters.  4 of them are regular filters and one is a filter that goes on the wall for a wall phone.

1 MIDI cable.  This is the older style of MIDI cable that plugs into the game port on older computers.  The other end has standard IN/OUT MIDI hookups.

1 Talking caller ID box.  It takes 3 AAA batteries or a 7.5 volt DC plug. No idea why it needs 7.5 volts DC when it only needs 4.5 volts with batteries. I don't have a power supply for it.  Here's the problem with this thing...I took the pieces of metal out from where the batteries go because I needed them for another project. I'm pretty sure some folded aluminum foil will make it work just fine.  This box announces the number only, not the name. It also stores the numbers in it, so you hit the button and it yells the number of all the people who've called you.

1 broken MacBook power supply.  This power supply is missing the power cord, because I gave it away to someone. Also, the magsafe (or whatever it's called) connectors are broken because one of the spring contacts is stuck in the down position so it doesn't make contact with the laptop. I tried to fix it, but couldn't.

1 Creative Labs webcam.  It works, but Windows 7 doesn't recognize it as valid hardware so you'll probably have to track down some drivers for it online.  I might still have the driver CD, but I'm not checking until someone actually asks.  The picture this thing produces is terrible.  I think it's 320 x 240 and it's all grainy, especially in low light.

I estimate the shipping on each of these items to be $5.00.  So PayPal me $5.00 for each thing you want and it's yours.  If shipping is much less than $5.00, I will refund you the extra money.  If you want 2 items, still PayPal me $5 per item and I'll refund you the extra money.  If it's more than $5, I hope you'll PayPal me the extra money.

I set up an album on my Facebook for pictures of things I want to get rid of.  If you want to see pictures of any of this stuff, the URL is https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150314957957100.332980.514202099&type=1

This thread is for everyone!  Post pictures or descriptions of things that you'd like to give away for free.  Quit being such a fucking packrat.