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I like the new theme.

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--- Quote from: rbcp on October 05, 2011, 01:21:59 PM ---Who else is experiencing the stupid width problem when posting?
--- End quote ---

I don't have any width problems with posting or replying. Could it be the browser people are using? I'm using Firefox 7.


P.S. I think the new theme is great.

Looks a million times better than the last theme. Quite easy on the eyes.

still have the width problems


1024x600 resolution on my 10in netbook...

my only problem is that the main post text is distracted by the blue links.. my eyes naturally go to the blue instead of the post

but i can live with it

oh, and those military styled stars on the ranking are kind of retarded


--- Quote from: markov on October 06, 2011, 10:26:05 AM ---oh, and those military styled stars on the ranking are kind of retarded

--- End quote ---

Yeah, those are dumb.  Those will go away soon.

For those with the crazy-long posting page problem, I think I fixed it.  It's not like that for me anymore, so let me know if any of you still have that problem.  The posting page looks a little messed up now, but at least it works better.  I'll fix it better some other day.

EDIT: Ugh, nevermind.  What I did to the posting page fixed the width, but broke pretty much everything else on that page.  I'm putting it back how it was for now.

ANOTHER EDIT: Ermmm, I removed my fix and now everything works perfectly.  WTF.  How is it working now?  I didn't do anything. 


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