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The Prank Show does some web cam pranks


For those who missed it, last night Rob The Hyena got some employees to do wacky things on webcams.  Both of them were security cameras, not designed for public use.  Tabachi was able to find the control page and guess the default password so he could pan it around at the 2nd place. contains a bunch of the pictures from last night, both from the security cameras and from employees of the first place emailing us cell phone pictures. 

Here's my personal favorite from the first place.  At this point they had covered up the camera in front, but didn't realize we were watching her in the back room.  When we called to tell her, she flipped us off:

And this is my favorite of the 2nd place - after getting her to wrap one monitor in paper towels, another in aluminum foil, make an OMG HAX sign for the wall and a picture of a cactus to tape on another monitor, Rob got this lady to write CACTIRADIO.COM on a paper, telling her it was a code for the technicians.

Raw audio from last night can be found at - it's the 11/05 audio.

Inspecting the soda dispensers....

That's AWESOME! ;D

Hahaha can someone please tell me what this show thing is? Like how do I connect to it? ps; I am new here..

more here

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