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24 Hour Marathon

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So far Tabachi says he's doing interviews between now and the marathon with various hackers, tech, phreek, prank, etc. type people to play during the whole thing. He'd like to actually be on for the full 24 hours. I'll hang in as much as possible(3-4 hours sleep). I'm all for collecting some cash for charity, but I know alot of people think it's dumb.....maybe a poll/vote is in order?

I think we should call some old favs from past and present PLA stuffs, lots of rappy, tons of us all bullshitting while horribly drunk, and pestering people all over the US :)

Any ideas?

$ towards prizes?

Interviews would be fun times. Even if we interview some  PLA people. :D


--- Quote from: Darkstranger on December 10, 2011, 10:10:46 PM ---$ towards prizes?

--- End quote ---

Or a raffle that could be awarded to a listener.

I really do like the idea of collecting money for something, just because it'd be fun to spoof a telethon.  We could even call random people and demand money from them.  A 24-hour telethon where we call people nonstop, demanding their money sounds awesome.  Especially if none of them give us anything.

It should be near the end of Dec or the beginning of Jan.

How should we host it? TinyChat? Chat line? Vent.? Skype? We should have a combo of all of them. Skype connected to 3 or 4 open bridges (I have some) and a Vent. line and a Skype conf. with TinyChat as well. We should make it as open as possible.

Also, Who will host? Who will be OP?


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