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If anyone is getting rid of:

Cell Phone's

The older the better!
I will pay shipping if it's under $10

PM me with what you want to get rid of! Thanks1

What do you need old junk for?  What are you doing with it?  I demand to know.

Really, disks?  With a k???

I like old stuff

I have a box of IBM compatible floppies. Problem is I still use 'em.

Also have a Pentium II laptop. 256mb of RAM. 4gb hard drive. Windows 98. Still use it.

Have a Apple Classic some where. If I find it, it's probably broken. You can have it.

If you can find the Apple Classic that would be awesome! And how 'broken' is it? Cracked screen? Fried Motherboard? What? Either way i'll take it though..., PM me if you find it please


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