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Has Jack Vale copied the dinged park pranks


Jack Vale uploaded a video to his channel in which he writes down an driver's confession to hitting his car, and then confronting them in the store. Is it just me, or does it seem apt that that we were doing our dinged car pranks back in November? He posted the video on December 20th. Usually takes him a few weeks to put together a prank and publish it.


If we really inspired Jack Vale, I think that's awesome because he makes really funny videos.  But I don't get this prank of his.  It doesn't seem funny at all.  It just confuses the lady and that's it.  There's no punch line really.  It's what our Car Ding calls would be like if we didn't say a bunch of insane things at the victims and try to make them angry.

this does not seem very funny at all.. at least the PLA ones were funny, or at least pissed a few people off...

Jack's video actually came out 1 week before PLA's similar video.  So it looks like we stole the idea from him.

That wasn't nice.


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