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Ace of Spades PLA Server!@!@!@!@!@


Holliday Spessa:
Tired of the same old FPS bullshit where you run around, and kill people, and you win/lose?

Gosh, well so was I. Then I found Ace of Spades, which is like a Minecraft/Call of Duty/Counter-strike/Battlefield mix.


But can it really be THAT good?

Yup. It sure is! It's so good, I'm sacrificing 80 kbp/s of my upload speed to dedicating a server.

You can play on this server by visiting http://aceofspades.com/ downloading the game (7.9 MB or something,) clicking play, then finding it. Sometimes it'll be down (I can't play and run it at the same time)

You can go on other servers too or w/e but it's not as kool as mine since I have a vanilla server WITH map switching. It has a death sentence in 12 systems.

I'm going to petition for a PLA clan if you weirdos decide to actually play. Just put in your name [PLA] <PLA> or PLA. or whatever in your name.

I'll give anyone oped in the TinyChat admin access.


Here's my weapon/tool pack. I made everything. EVERYTHING. Read the README if you can't figure out how to do anything. I think I cover all bases in there. (The weapons are from WW2)

http://www.sendspace.com/file/ge4tmh (click on "download from sendspace" ONLY)


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