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I have tried several times - unsucessfully - to forward either my house phone or my voicemail to some of the more interesting numbers on Jenn's site but it never seems to work. I can call the numbers directly from voip or any cell or any landline but something about the forwarding doesn't work or rather doesn't patch thru the call. Any ideas? I've tried numbers that both ring and don't ring first.

With some VOIP and forwarding lines, they won't forward a lot of the time, usually becuase of the "Disconnect" tone (I can't remeber the real name) is played, sometimes though, it dosn't even registair that the lines been picked up

I ran a debug log on my SPA3102, and it seems to think that the line has never been picked up. I thought that because some of these numbers answered without ringing could be the problem, but I tried some that ring first too... The SPA3102 has the ability to customize and reprogram all tones, if I knew which one it was looking for. I may could change it to something crazy so that it wouldn't match. Onward to google to see if there is a name for the three-tone run that starts a lot of these recordings...

probably because you are trying to forward to numbers that do not supervise...

i found an easy way to tell if a number supervises is with a net10 phone, because your balance is shown on the screen... if no minutes are deducted from the balance then the number does not supervise..  another quick way to tell if a number supervises or not call it will google voice... google voice will not pass audio for unsupervised calls... if it just rings and rings with google voice, then the number supes...

I thought all lines supervised. I mean, what is the reason for a line to NOT supervise? I guess I can understand test lines and loops... and maybe that's what those numbers are... test lines for the phone company to check that certain recordings are functioning properly, and all contained within the CO... but calling to other area codes I would think would take me out and back in to the system.

Remembering my early phreaking days when I opened a slick and would tap into my cousin's phone while he was on with his girlfriend. While tapped into him, I would tap into another line, dial his number, we would both hear the beep, but he was able to flash-hook and flip to the other line with just me. I could hear and witness all of this but I was "inside the system" unlike if you are at someone's house and pick up an extension, flash-hook becomes impossible.

Maybe if I could just come up with a way to create a situation where the CO would cause an "all circuits are busy" recording to play when certain numbers call my line.


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