How to find a persons new cell phone number? This is a ? not a how to..........



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Author Topic: How to find a persons new cell phone number? This is a ? not a how to..........  (Read 2040 times)

Offline Chipi Chipi

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The issue at hand:

I just got a new cell phone number.   Is there a way to find out what the new number is?  I used my real address but I don't remember what service plan provider I used.  I think I'm using A T T or Verizon but couldn't say for sure.    I'm pretty sure it's under my name but I might of put the number under a friends name.  It should be under one of two names.  I just got the new number recently and I'm not sharing it with anyone!  So going to my friends and people I know isn't going to help you on this one.

Wondering if:

Is there a service that I can type a name into and get any/all CELL PHONE numbers attached to that name? 
I know the service exist for home phones; Spokeo and ZabaSearch etc.......is there something similar to these for cell phones that is legit and not just a scam? 
I made my new cell phone number private with the carrier so I'm not certain what effect that has on services like the ones mentioned above.
I think I have enough social info on myself to help me find my new number, I just need the right angles maybe?
Are there any questions I should be asking myself that would help me find my new number?

I know this is my first post on here and I want to say thanks in advance.  If I'm posting this in the wrong arena please let me know, I'll do my best in the future to post in the correct area.

Offline murd0c

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If you have the phone at hand, call an Automated Number Announcement Circuit (ANAC). 1-800-444-4444 is one that has been used for years, at least within North America. As for a 'database' of cell phone names/numbers, you can do a reverse look up on a cellular phone if you know how to social engineer techs/CSRs/crappy point-of-salesmen, otherwise, there are several websites on phonelosers.org advertising reverse cellular look-ups, but you gotta pay for them. Making your phone number 'private' means nothing, don't worry about it, if someone wants it bad enough they can get it.

Also your story is totally dubious, try being honest next time.

Offline Chipi Chipi

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Point taken on the dub step.  I'll check out the reverse cellular look-ups and report back if anyone is interested.  If there is one that is known to work better than another any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Either way I'll post my experience.

Yea I don't have the phone in hand so the ANAC idea won't do me any justice.  The reverse cellular look up wouldn't work unless they can work it from the name or the address.  I'll dig into those tonight and see whats out there.  I may have to find a CSR  that's willing to look up the info.  They can be a little pricey sometimes though.  If I can get to the phone I'll try the 1-800. 

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.