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Hopefully you've heard the new show by now.  I released episode 2 today, which is about the Geek Squad calls.  I think this podcast is going to kind of replace the PLA Radio podcast.  The reason I didn't just stick with the name PLA Radio is because I wanted to do a combination video and audio show, so having the word "radio" in it just seemed dumb.  I've always hated the name PLA Radio anyway.  So the sensible thing to do was to pick an awesome name like The Snow Plow Show.

Episode 001 - Car Dings
Episode 002 - Phreak Squad

And here are the audio versions of both episodes:

I'm learning a new video editing program (Sony Vegas 11), so hopefully the video quality will improve over time.  If anyone has any ideas for future shows, contact me or post them here.


i love the new show!! its awesome that you're using vegas too. i think you're finding your way with it right off the bat here both with vegas and the content both. everybody should tell at least 1 or 2 people about it, spread it around!

Excellent, thanks for posting because I hadn't seen these yet. Vegas is great.. Aftereffects is also a good prog if you're looking to do any creative type effects and whatnot

The ending of episode 1 was great!


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