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Here's a generic thread that I can add to from time to time, for whenever I make changes to the forums...

Someone complained earlier today that this forum lacked a Search button.  So there's one up there now!  At the top of the page.  Go crazy searching.

I removed the New Posts and New Replies options up there, though.  Since those options were already available in the left sidebar.  Is this a problem for anyone?  If it is, speak up and I'll probably put them back for you.

If anyone wants to recommend any changes, let me know either here or in a private PM.

Ewh, purddy :D

Thanks Arbie!

Look!  No more post counts in the posts!  Now you have to click on a profile or look a the member list to see how many posts a person has made, therefore making the post count not as important!  Isn't that useful?  I'm going to replace it with the date the user registered as soon as I figure out how the hell to do that.

I was just about to ask about that, but I was too lazy to find the correct topic to post it in.

That's much better, Arbie. You are worth your weight in gold.


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