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I think that the Rank should be based in something else than the amount of posts, I know that there're some members that post just cuz they want to be "PLA junkies" and also because the bells looks cool on the Avatar.
So I was wondering why we don't mix some sort of karma/post amount so each user will have a personalized rank...
For instance mine should be “PLA South American ambassador” or “Stupid post maker” 
A cool fashion to measure the rank could be the hack/pranks achievements.
Or if you are always giving cool advices at the tech support forum so the rank gets something like “support guru”.

Well that’s it.


Sweet, excpet now my avatar doesn't make as much sense... I'm sad.  :-\

However, the board does look very pretty now, making me HAPPY  ;D

noooooo! My 85 hours have gone to waste! Maby I should update my custom title with every post...

Raptor, your avatar confused the hell out of me yesterday.  I couldn't figure out why YOU had an extra line of space under yours and nobody else did.  It took me awhile to finally realize there's a bunch of invisible pixels around your avatar.

RB, here is a suggestion for the forums, referring to the main page, and the recent posts/topics:

I think the initial link should take you to the first post of the thread. However, for those who have been paying attention to those threads (that would like to still be able to go to the most recent post) could have a little "Newest Post" icon, next to the thread/topic link?

I love stopping by every-other day to see what people have posted. I just don't want to go to the most recent post every-time I click on the thread title, from the main page. I'm sure there are people that do/will relate with me on this. Think it's a worthy investment of your time?


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