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Tapatalk for Smartphones


Suggestion for the forums. I live on my phone, I read a lot of forums from it. Tapatalk is an awesome app that makes the format for a Smartphone or Tablet friendly. Free and its a simple plugin for SMF.

I'm new and plan on hours of reading and thought I'd pass on the idea to you guys.

Nah, we're all over that whole smartphone and tablet fad. Get a PC like the rest of us.

A desktop PC.  Not a faggy laptop like those hipsters use.

And ToneLoc, a 9600 baud modem and a phonesplitter is all you need for recording those fun prank calls

I do the desktop thing, but I like to have this bright light in my face before I fall asleep.  :)  The smart phone fad will never be over. It's just begun, hahahahaha.


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