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Buy VOIP, voice traffic (phone calls and SMS)


Buy VOIP, voice traffic (phone calls) to international numbers. Payment of daily. Payment of 40 cents per minute. We receive calls calls from any fixed, mobile number and any other telephone service of any country and continents.
Also calls with Google, Skype, Yahoo mesen, Gtalk,GSM, CDMA, SIP, PBx,  etc . . For more information, please contact icq :235-385-286, E-mail: trafikkuplyu@gmail.com, Jabber: trafikkuplyu@jabber.no

Yeah, lemme fire up my ICQ client here...


--- Quote from: rbcp on January 29, 2013, 10:55:03 AM ---Yeah, lemme fire up my ICQ client here...

--- End quote ---
It still exists?

I <3 mIRC .. I still have a couple of mods that automate filesharing / serving...


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