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Silicon Valley ; Rich People Pranks


I was listening to one of the shows, and heard the prank calls when rbcp pranked the people about the walls etc.  I was thinking what if you spoof your number and pretend to be each others neighbors, so that they all think that their neighbors are insulting each other. 

I would do that, but it's just too much effort.  I'm already putting too much effort into this by searching on whitepages and Google Maps and I just can't handle the extra responsibility.

We used to do that when we pranked a bunch of stores at malls, though.  We'd spoof the caller ID of a store across from them and try to start fights.  Since the caller ID was real, they had no doubts that it was them and mall security would always get involved.

I see what you mean, well it could work if somesone wasnt busy and had some extra time. 

I was thinking...any way i could do a few prank calls to this neighboorhood and anything else...even on the air if u need some time filler...I dont really have any numbers to call but have plently of ideas...


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