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Best way to find a phone number


I've tried spokeo, been verified and whitepages.com they're good but can be unreliable what do you use to find a person's phone number?

the best way is to pay for spokeo...and it really helps to know a little about them...check out there fb page and then enter any data you gathered into spokeo etc

http://www.tnid.us is pretty good.  It can sometimes give you the name that they get from the caller ID database, but it doesn't work as well as it used to.

i tried that website that rbcp mentioned and i didnt get a name only the first carrier it belonged to...

The reason tnid.us doesn't work anymore is a combination of  people moving away from land lines to cell phones, people not listing their phone numbers and tougher laws on telecom. They have to keep your information private unless it's the government in which case it's ok to violate your privacy. 


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