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Getting Caught Cheating this Forum

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I got caught cheating this forum last night. I posted a bunch of drunk posts about Mildred Monday in order to advance past "Newb"  and I got my ass kicked because of it. Not only were all my moronic posts deleted but I was also demoted to "Newb," and the incident was recorded in my permanent record by the principal. This is a sad day. Not only have I disgraced myself, but i've brought shame to the PLA forums.   :o

Honestly, though, the stuff I wrote last night seemed hilarious to me when I was writing it. Boxwine is powerful stuff. i'm sure it probably wasn't funny at all.

It's nothing personal, it's just that for us who come to the forums via the "new posts" link, the legitimate posts were completely flooded out by you.  You made some good posts, but mostly you were just posting garbage over and over.  The only easy way to deal with it is to remove them all at once. 

Welcome to the forums!  They're mostly dead.  But not so dead that we welcome spam.

Thanks for the personal reply, man. I understand completely and I didn't take it personally at all. This is my new account, without the Keith Alexander reference. 

I've been a PLA fan for years, practically since the first PLA podcasts were released on iTunes. I'm also a liberal/libertarian lawyer with expertise in U.S. Intelligence Law, so if you ever have any legal questions, toss them my way and I'll do my best to answer them for free.

Saul Goodman

One bit of advice, RBCP,
You said the PLA Forums are mostly dead now.
Have you ever considered redesigning the PLA Forums as a Drupal site? You could use the "OneAllSocialLogin" module to allow users to login using their Facebook, Google, OpenID, LinkedIn, Yahoo, or other major social media account. This might revitalize the PLA Forums, since users could contribute without having to start up a special account with phonelosers.com. I don't know much about Simple Machine Forums, but I know a lot about Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress. Allowing users to login with Facebook alone could increase participation significantly, since everybody's moved over to Facebook.

Just a thought, man. You said the PLA Forums were dead, but there's no reason for that. Integrating Facebook login could bring in hundreds of extra participants who might not otherwise participate if they were required to start up a separate account with a unique password and username. I don't know if this is possible with Simple Machine Forums, but I know it's possible with Drupal.

Saul Goodman

Drupal looks more like content management than forum software.  I know nothing about Drupal though.  I did try to set up Facebook logins for our SMF forums awhile back, but it failed and I don't remember why.  Maybe I'll mess around with that some more today.  Thanks for the motivation.  Hey look, you mysteriously have an extra 20 posts and aren't a newb now!


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