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i got the bug


I got the bug. Damn you Brad. I miss the calls, I miss the laughs. I'm a little tipsy tonight and I got the bug.
This weekend.. I'm settin' up the VPN, I'm opening the skype, I'm sending the missus out, and I'm making calls. Cause I got the bug.
Just when I think I don't give a crap. I realize I love this shit, I just do.
Sure I'm not the best, sure my ideas can be crap, but i love it. I got the bug, and this weekend, I'm not fighting it.
It WILL happen, it just has to.

You're awesome, Liz.  I hope this results in more pranks on your Youtubez.

that was kinda lame, it was the whiskey talking. This is why i have to lock the phones away when I drink.
But yes, i hope to post some more.


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