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Payphones disappearing


I visited my old university and was excited to see the ol' payphones were still there. I promptly put all of them in my cellphone, because they all accept incoming calls. Then 2 weeks later, some evil entity flew in and tore them all out. Every last one of them! And two of them had my awesome PLA stickers. :(  I have to wonder if it wasn't my fault. I tested them, to see if they still took incoming calls, and they probably hadn't rung in years. I flipped a switch somewhere. The evil entity found them.

I guess I should be glad that I had the chance to reunite before they were gone.  College is where I really practiced my fone skillz and had lots of fun with those things.  Luckily I did take a picture of one... it's going in the locket.

Glad you got to say your goodbyes.  I experienced a similar thing when I biked all over my town and took photos of all the pay phones and then that same year they started rapidly disappearing.  Only a few are left.  The pay phone pictured on the cover of the PLA book disappeared within a month of that photo.  I think it's like when you observe particles and they change quantum states.  We need to stop observing them to keep them from winking out of existence.


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