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Question for Chillipepper guy rcpd or whatever his name is?

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I'm just wondering what your neuro status is. Do you feel that your brain is significantly different from other people's? Do other people have systems you seem to not possess or systems you do not understand? Do other people have concept of things you do not understand? Do other people seem to have emotions you do not have, or do you consistently see people having reactions to things you would have no reaction to?

Detail your answer below or in PM. You may also ignore this question.

If you've caught onto what question I really want to ask you, (you can cross out autism and ADHD), if the answer is "No," please do not slap me, come find me, or do anything cruel to me. I was just wondering.

The answer is: way too much time on your hands  :nonsense:

I think he's trying to get me committed to a mental hospital.

Yeah Yooruu, Arby isn't falling for your tricks, and neither will anyone else here. We aren't stupid. Hematology!

Too bad you talked about Brad Carter like this!


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