Live Show

This is a page for listening to live PLA shows. If a live show is happening, this is probably the place you can listen to it. RBCP is bipolar and a communist, so he broadcasts randomly on different streaming services and uses different chat services, depending on where the broadcast is happening.

That player above is PLA's Shoutcast. I try to stream on that in addition to wherever else I'm streaming. If it doesn't automatically start playing, click on the play button and hope that I'm broadcasting there and it's working. Chances are I'll tell you where else the show is streaming. If not, try finding the show on Mixlr, PLA's Youtube, Snow Plow Show's YouTube, PLA's Facebook, RBCP's Facebook, or Shoutcast.

Then try clicking on either of the YouTube links below. If you want to join the chat room, you'll need to go directly to the YouTube page.

If I'm not broadcasting on YouTube, chances are I'm broadcasting on Shoutcast. The player for Shoutcast is below. If a live show isn't happening, you'll hear old shows on our 24/7 Shoutcast stream.

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If you're having any troubles with the Shoutcast player above, try going to our official Shoutcast streaming host page.

If you're listening on your phone, you should install a Shoutcast player app, and then search for "Phone Losers of America" on it. If you don't find our stream, you can probably paste the Shoutcast link directly into it. Here is the link.