Hobosodes 121 thru 129

Hobosode 121 - Snow Plows in Summer: Xander Fett gives us a vacationer that doesn't have any friends, a retail shop that leaves curse words on my voicemail, and a few people who need snow plows in July for some reason. Opening music by Henrik, ending song from Sesame Street. Frankie's weather warning for Oregon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN6pjhRF17c

Hobosode 122 - Waking Up Sleepwalkers: I assumed it would be difficult to convince a convenience store worker to try and wake up sleeping customers but in today's psychological study we found that exactly one third of the clerks surveyed were willing to at least try. This includes calls that I deleted from this Hobosode. Today's study is sponsored by Random. Today's opening and closing music is called Hobo 4 Life by B.A. Johnston

Hobosode 123 - Mayor Business: The mayor is back, making unreasonable demands and plans for photo opportunities. This episode is brought to you by Robert S. I tried several of those vertical warehouse farm calls and nobody would believe me until I talked to Steve and his wife. I guess I referenced other ones not working out from before but since I deleted those I just sound like a crazy person. Opening song is Hobo 4 Life by B.A. Johnston. Closing song is Mercedes Boy by Pebbles.

Hobosode 124 - Lucid Dreaming: Because I haven't done enough dream episodes lately, I'm bringing you the most ambitious phone phreak experiment ever attempted - making a phone call from inside my dreams! I'm going to call it the Lasher Box. I'm writing an article on it as soon as I finish uploading this episode and I'll submit it to both Phrack and 2600. This is going to change everything! This episode is sponsored by Audi Love. He thinks he's cooler than a BMW and a Mercedes put together. Ending song is by Mel from Flight of the Conchords.

Hobosode 125 - Corporate Policy Refresher: Delorean J. brings you a corporate policy refresher course where I call numbers from Wasted Memory and Will. And Niko commands us to bring back the PLA ID cards. Opening song by Jay Dee, Background music is Hotline by The Pool Boys, Chance of Showers by My Parents Favorite Music.

Hobosode 126 - Landfills: Joe King takes hole digging in a new direction by turning front lawns into landfills. This Hobosode is sponsored by iregretjumping. Opening song by Jay Dee, Background music and ending music is Stranger In The Basement by Bonecage.

Hobosode 127 - Yacht To Be Better Boat Owners: Here's a show sponsored by Niekisch where we call up members of a yacht club and tell them exactly why they're terrible boat owners. Opening song by Mr. Pickles, Background music and ending song is Wish by Rappy McRapperson.

Hobosode 128 - My New Airplane: Today's show is sponsored by Lion IX! I'm using an idea from iregretjumping and a phone directory from Reggie to make people believe that I'm landing an airplane in front of their house tomorrow. I bet traffic in that neighborhood is going to be really light around 1pm tomorrow. I did a lot more calls, but deleted them because they were boring. I bunch of people promised to stay off the road at 1pm. Opening theme is Hobo 4 Life by B.A. Johnson. Background music is Black Mages by Emergency Pizza Party. Ending song is Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron by Royal Guardsmen.

Hobosode 129 - My Band: Today I have mixed results attempting to book some shows for my band at local garage sales. Sponsored by Stantrucker. Opening theme is Hobo 4 Life by B.A. Johnson. Background music is Black Mages by Emergency Pizza Party. Ending song is Keyboard Cat by MC Shammers. PLA ID cards at https://www.patreon.com/posts/pla-membership-20671229


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